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Take the first step towards an ADHD diagnosis with Fyrli

Take our ADHD symptom test for free

We are now offering you a free ADHD symptom test, usually 29€. The test comes at no cost in exchange for your invaluable feedback. 

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Data-driven insights into your ADHD symptoms

The technology behind Fyrli has been used by clinics across the world to rule out or diagnose ADHD for over 20 years.

Now you can use our test at home to track and measure ADHD associated symptoms. The test result will help you decide whether you should get a clinical ADHD diagnosis from your healthcare practitioner.

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ADHD resources about adults and children

Use our expert guides to learn everything about ADHD including diagnosis, treatment, and strategies to cope for adults and children.

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Track your ADHD symptoms and mood

Use our symptom and mood tracker to understand your behaviour, whether you have an ADHD diagnosis or not.

If you’re receiving treatment, the tracker can help you understand if it is improving your ADHD symptoms.

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Get access to local clinics for support

Don’t know where to get a full ADHD diagnosis? Through ADHD Ireland and clinics in the country so you can get direct support with healthcare practitioners once you’ve downloaded the app.

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Our commitment

  • Data-driven, accurate analysis of ADHD symptoms
  • A research-based test designed by psychologists
  • Empowering your knowledge of ADHD

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Our mission

Improve the lives of people with ADHD.

Our story

Fyrli has been developed by ADHD testing and technology firm Qbtech.

The Fyrli journey
For over 20 years, Qbtech has worked to improve testing approaches to ADHD, using data and technology.

Fyrli is another step in our journey. We want to make reliable information more accessible. With our symptom and mood tracker and home test, you can track how you are feeling.

Fyrli takes flight!
Fyrli is being launched in Ireland, however, Fyrli will arrive in other countries shortly to support more users on their ADHD journey.

The research

With over 35 studies and 23 years of scientific research and development, Qbtech’s products today support over 10,000 clinicians assessing hundreds of thousands of people each year.

We’ve adapted the technology in our clinical ADHD tests, so you can identify signs in your behavior at home.

Learn more about Qbtech at Qbtech.com.

What’s the story behind the name Fyrli?

Fyrli (pronounced “fihr-li”) is the tale of two words coming together that we felt best described our mission – to make Fyrli a beacon of support for patients and families.

‘Fyr’ in Swedish translates to ‘lighthouse’ in English, symbolizing guidance and our roots as a Swedish company.

‘Li’ is derived from the name of the bird species ‘Limosa’, which is known for extraordinarily long migratory journeys. In fact, they have done the longest nonstop flights ever recorded for a bird, making them excellent navigators.

Fyrli has been designed to act as a resource for people with ADHD, offering education, awareness, and support with the added advantage of identifying signs of ADHD in your behaviour – right in the palm of your hand!


Is Fyrli free?

Yes – you can use Fyrli, read all ADHD articles, and track your mood and symptoms with the app for free. If you decide to take a test, this is available as an in-app purchase and costs only 29€.

Who is Fyrli for?

The Fyrli app can be downloaded by anyone aged 18 or over.

Our in-app test is for anyone aged 6-60. Parents can assist younger users to complete a test.

How is Fyrli different from other ADHD apps?

Fyrli has been developed by Qbtech, a company that has produced the technology for ADHD tests for over 20 years. Fyrli articles are based on scientific research and are medically reviewed.

Our objective ADHD test is based on the same award-winning technology we developed for use in clinics worldwide. It collects numerical data on a continuous performance task, measuring your behaviour on the three core symptoms of ADHD (attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity).

This is different to other measures of ADHD that aren’t objective like interviews and observations which explore your feelings and experiences. Our test works by comparing your behaviour associated with ADHD and compared to a control group who don’t have the condition.

Can you help me find a clinic that tests for ADHD?

You will find links to resources from ADHD Ireland and details of clinics that can test for ADHD within the app.

How is my data protected?

We take looking after your data seriously. To find out more, check out our privacy policy.

Didn’t find the answers to your questions?
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